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Wessex CAMRA Mailing List

This mailing list's purpose is to assist communication between the branches of the Wessex Region of CAMRA, The Campaign for Real Ale. The mailing list is private and only open to members of CAMRA.

Subscribing is simple... if you click the 'Subscribe' link below, it will cause a new email to be opened on your computer. Simply click the 'Send' button (and "send & receive" your email, if necessary). Your request to join the mailing list will be sent to the mailing list administrators for approval (this is a private mailing list). Once approved, you will receive an email welcoming you to the list.

To unsubscribe is just as easy... click the 'Unsubscribe' link below, and follow a similar process to that for subscribing. This time, you will receive an email for you to confirm your request - simply reply to this email or click the link in the email to confirm. Each email sent to you via the list will also include instructions on how to unsubscribe.

Subscribe: Click here (or send a blank email to wessex-subscribe@wessexcamra.org.uk)
Unsubscribe: Click here (or send a blank email to wessex-unsubscribe@wessexcamra.org.uk)
Email for automated self-help: Click here (or send a blank email to wessex-request@wessexcamra.org.uk with "help" in the subject line)
Email for human help: Click here (or send an email with details of the problem that you're having to wessex-owner@wessexcamra.org.uk)

Please note: All but the "Email for human help" above are automated email addresses - non-keyword content of your email will be ignored!

Webmail users

If you're a webmail user, it probably won't work when you click the "Click Here" links above. You'll need to compose the email manually using the details in brackets.


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